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What is a digital tachograph?

Digital tachographs are control devices allowing the registration of vehicle crew membersí driving time, time spent performing professional activities other than driving their vehicles, rest periods, driving speeds and distances travelled by vehicles.

The use of digital tachographs is based on EU software and personalised smart cards storing all relevant data required to record working hours. In addition to smart card chips, the same data are also stored in the working memory of digital tachographs installed in vehicles, which also include a printing option in order to print out data on driversí working hours.

Besides driver cards, the system uses another three card types: company cards, control cards and workshop cards. In its body, each card includes a series of security features to prevent any counterfeiting. All data stored in chips are encrypted in order to keep the integrity of information recorded on smart cards and digital tachographs. To that effect, all countries that have implemented the digital tachograph system are integrated within a central information network (TACHONET) in order to accelerate the verification of submitted card applications and issued cards.