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Smart cards for digital tachographs

Smart cards for digital tachographs come in standard sizes, just as common credit cards. The digital tachograph system implies recording driver data both in smart card chips and within its own working memory. Each time when driving their vehicles, mobile transport workers are required to use their driver cards. Carriers holding their own company cards must periodically download and collect information from both vehicle units and cards in order to ascertain their conformity.

The role of inspection authorities is to verify the conformity of data in the digital tachograph system. Authorised inspecting officers will be issued with special cards allowing them to read directly digital tachograph printouts. Authorised inspecting officers will perform both roadside checks and verifications at the premises of carrier companies.

Driver cards

A driver card is issued in the name of a driver holding valid driving licences for the relevant category. The driver card memory holds driver activity data for at least 28 days. Drivers are only allowed to use cards issued in their name. Any card abuse is subject to criminal prosecution.

Company cards

Company cards are issued in the name of authorised persons employed with carrier companies providing transport services in the Republic of Croatia, at the request of legal representatives of such carriers. The purpose of these cards is to protect digital tachograph data related to particular carrier companies.

Control cards

Control cards are issued in the name of authorised inspecting officers employed with appropriate control bodies (road traffic inspection authorities and police officers). Authorised inspecting officers must possess the skills and qualifications required by legal provisions governing the implementation of digital tachograph operation control. Control card holders have full access to the digital tachograph memory and can transfer data to other media. Control cards also store all activities performed by authorised inspecting officers, recording the date and time of any such action taken.

Workshop cards

Workshop cards are issued in the name of technical staff employed with authorised workshops performing their workshop services on the basis of approval from the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. Such technical staff possess skills and qualifications required by the relevant legislation, which is proved by a certificate of completed training for tachograph testing and installation, in accordance with a programme approved by the Ministry (responsible for education).